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Posted on 13 January 2017

I’m in my reflective corner and thinking back of the long journey and process up to the launching date of my collection. My eyes capture the amazing beautiful model who wears my headwear when I look at the website and I am filled with a deep sense of joy that this dream, I once had, is close to becoming real. It may sound as a cliché, but it truly has cost sweat, tears, and hard work to realize the dream. Entrepreneur life is not a walk in the skies, and with two little ones and a fulltime career as a physician it took a lot work to reach to this level.

My Interest for Headwear

A little about my background in regards to the choice of wearing a headwear. I started wearing the hijab while in my first year of medical school. It was not just a spontaneous decision, but rather a deliberate and well-informed choice that wasn’t just about wearing a piece of fabric around my head, but rather an entire lifestyle I chose to live by. I actively chose a lifestyle based on practicing love on a completely different level. Therefore, my wardrobe was replaced with an appropriate wardrobe where being covered up was fundamental.

As to headwear fashion and styles, it all started as a thought many years ago, when I got tired of tying my scarf the same way every day. It wasn’t really compatible with my interest in being a fashion-conscious woman with everything still having to match the hijab I was wearing. Therefore, I started tying my hijab in several different ways, but since it was time-consuming, I gradually had the idea of a hijab that could be an instant item, like a T-shirt you could just put on. At the same time, I was having a lot of problems finding scarves in the right qualities. 

Need of Instant and Functional Headwear

The idea behind instant headwear had been formed, but I really took the leap because of something that happened when, as a doctor, I was dealing with a cardiac arrest, and this scarf, which I had tied into a knot from behind, slowly started to loosen and fall off. That was the straw. From here, it gained momentum, because I didn’t want the hijab to be an obstacle for me being and active and engaged woman who wanted to combine my lifestyle with a professional life, not to mention an active life in sports.

I have always had a passion for helping other people, and with this project, I hope to be able to contribute to make life easier for women who wear headwear. My headwear’s is fully functional, instant, and doesn’t fall off. It is easy to put on and take off without using pins. As to the quality, I have used the best qualities for optimal all-day comfort in my designs.

The developed styles are just the beginning. The idea behind Helen Latifi headwear is not merely a personal design project, but should also be considered a new and different way to wear the hijab.

I am grateful that you took the time to read my first blog post, and grateful that the project has finally been realized. With willpower, anything is possible.

Peace be with you.

Instant - Turban - Hijab - Helen Latifi
Helen Latifi M.D.

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