Posted on 09 March 2017

Meet Bwalya...

“My wonderful family encapsulates a colorful hodgepodge of 4 ethnicities and 4 religions. We embrace traditions from a potpourri of continents and a wide range of languages. Even so, our hearts and our daily lives are firmly anchored in our dear Vestegnen in the city of Copenhagen.

Yes, Denmark. My ever rejection-threatening homeland. Like a bulwark against a repeat of the horrific history of the 30’s and 40’s, I take to the barricades every month. The fear of persecution and extermination of my Muslim grandchildren is defeated with action. Protest. It is a manifestation in and of itself to wrap my head for freedom while chanting together:

“No! Racists!........ In our streets!
No! Racists!........ In our streets!
No! Racists!........ In our streets!”

Hijab - Turban - Helen Latifi

I am convinced that a woman’s right to wear her headwear should be represented on the frontlines. The importance of a Zambian with a turban or a Muslim woman wearing the hijab demands full rights of participation, not to mention co-ownership of the streets in our city, cannot be underestimated.

It doesn’t hurt, however, that the headwear is also incredibly power-feminine in that incredibly cool way. Therefore, its use is extended to other daily situations. Your head is kept warm and any time constraints involving a “bad hair day” are handled instantly. Pride, strength, belonging, cooperation, cohesiveness, conscience, melting pot societies, ancestry, views, symbols, healthy minds.


And love. Yes…. First of all… Love.”

Bwalya Sørensen,

Photo: Asim Iqbal
Designer: Helen Latifi
Proofreading: Morten Hededal
Translator: Lisbeth Agerskov Christensen
Headwear: Norah Graceful Rose Flower

The portrait series "Femininity, Empowerment, and Headwear” is a collaboration between Helen Latifi Headwear and United Colors of Denmark and #UnitedColorsOfDenmark #UCOD

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