Femininity, Empowerment and Headwear

Posted on 29 March 2017

Meet the owner Helen Latifi...

“Helping and providing hope is life-affirming for me".

As the child of refugee parents and having grown up in the ghetto, I didn’t have the best odds of being able to obtain an academic education – but I was determined to break the norm. It has never been part of who I am to give up easily, and every challenge has been a learning opportunity for me.

I have always been curious about life, as well as fascinated by human anatomy. When I told my parents at six years old that I wanted to be a doctor, they smiled indulgently and said, sure, go for it girl. I spent tons of time following this dream with sleepless nights and steely resolve. With optimism as my faithful companion, life brought me to the position I’m in now – helping and providing hope to others through my medical practice. I cried for joy the day I took the Hippocratic Oath!

Hijab - Turban - Helen Latifi

My passion for helping others, combined with my creative side, recently brought me to a new chapter – I wanted to develop a concept that made daily life and work life easier for women wearing a hijab. At the same time, this concept – Helen Latifi Headwear – was to strengthen women’s self-confidence and contribute to the understanding that the hijab should not be seen as an obstacle to realizing dreams. For me, Helen Latifi Headwear is not just business, but also a project that should contribute to inspiring women to participate actively in business life and society. It is my hope and wish to empower women with hijabs to achieve the ultimate and best things in life.

The purpose of this article series was to present a wide range of strong narratives told by women, both with and without headwear, who fight a daily fight to strengthen their own position in society, as well as that of other women. All respect to you and thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts and stories with us! Thanks to the readers and not least United Colors of Denmark and Asim Iqbal for good cooperation.

You can follow my journey on Helen Latifi Headwear and my next destination will be London Modest Fashion Show, where my headwear collection will be presented on the catwalk on April 15. Maybe see you there:)

Helen Latifi
Doctor and Designer
Founder of Helen Latifi Headwear

Photo: Ivan Ortegon
Designer: Helen Latifi -
Proofreading: Morten Hededal
Translator: Lisbeth Agerskov Christensen
Headwear: Norah Stylish Royal Blue og Sand

The portrait series "Femininity, Empowerment, and Headwear” is a collaboration between Helen Latifi Headwear and United Colors of Denmark

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