Femininity, Empowerment and Headwear

Posted on 28 March 2017

Meet Iman....

"It was my inner peace and the experience of value that drew me to my life today as Iman, woman, mother, and entrepreneur.

Raised in the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen, I sensed the true uniqueness of human lives. Those millions of moments of encounters between people who all valued the same calming atmosphere around the lakes taught me about myself. I learned that every human being is unique. Some were jogging, others nibbling on tapas and drinking wine, while the most fortunate where immersed in each other’s mesmerizing gaze, as if they were alone in the tender world of couplehood.

In the dynamic reflection of the water, I saw a jumble of shades of color, all present in a joyful dance. The recognition of the unique form of humans at the lakes in Copenhagen inspired me to form my own incomparable personality. I taught myself not to give a flying fig what people thought about my life. And that opened the doors to my dream. A life where I aim for my own giant dreams myself.

Hijab - Turban - Helen Latifi

The essential teachers of the journey come from my uterus and are 10, 5, and 3 years old, respectively. They beam with passion for life, curiosity, optimism, deep, heartfelt love, and last, but not least, intuition. Qualities that adults often overlook. My boys are now regulars in the magical game at the lake, where I will enjoy watching their unique dance steps – their unique dreams.

Along with the dance of my boys, I enjoy a beautiful symphony of the dances of life. In my capacity as a bridal stylist, I experience people on one of life’s happiest days. The wedding brings two lives together in the dance of love, and that exact moment awakens my innermost spirit and motivation to stand in my shop.

My work requires sensitivity to the personal, unique, aesthetics of my customers. With my inner drive toward the incomparable, it is a virtue to me to make sure that no two of my designs are alike. Because the design must reflect my customer’s dance of life."

Iman RN
Shop owner, designer, and bridal stylist

Photo: Asim Iqbal
Designer: Helen Latifi -
Proofreading: Hassan Chachouh
Translator: Lisbeth Agerskov Christensen
Headwear: Jasmin Grey Melange

The portrait series "Femininity, Empowerment, and Headwear” is a collaboration between Helen Latifi Headwear and United Colors of Denmark

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