Femininity, Empowerment and Headwear

Posted on 17 March 2017

Meet Saadia....

“A woman has many roles, among them being a sister, daughter, wife, mother, caregiver - you know, a rose by any other name…. There is a reason why we have sayings like “Behind every man there’s a strong woman!

I am personally a mother of two wonderful kids aged 16 and 12, respectively. That is the best and most preferred role I have as a woman, as to me, motherhood is liberating..., an honor, and an invaluable gift. I have been blessed with the feeling of unlimited and spontaneous love.

Motherhood is an all-encompassing and life-changing experience. You get to know yourself through the actions, conduct, and behavior of your children. In other words, you are reflected in your children for better or for worse. Personally, my role as a mom has changed me into a more loving, generous, giving, tolerant, and thankful person.
Hijab - Turban - Helen Latifi - Headscarf

For me personally, motherhood brought an even greater love and respect for my own mother. Her abilities/characteristics as a mother are and have always been admirable. I have a very close relationship with my mom. I love spoiling her (not just with material things!) to show her my gratitude for her exceptional effort. She always set aside her own needs in favor of those of her children. To her, there was no more important job on the planet than being a mother. She is my most important role model, and every day I try to live up to her.”

Saadia Hafeez
Legal advisor

Photo: Asim Iqbal
Designer: Helen Latifi
Proofreading: Morten Hededal
Translator: Lisbeth Agerskov Christensen
Headwear: Alysha Charcoal

The portrait series "Femininity, Empowerment, and Headwear” is a collaboration between Helen Latifi Headwear and United Colors of Denmark and #UnitedColorsOfDenmark #UCOD

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